How you practice can massively affect your golf performance. Ever heard of the phrase ‘quality not quantity’? It’s something my English teacher drilled into me when I was at school.

Beyond the classroom, I’ve learnt the phrase to ring true in other areas of life, including for any sort of movement practice. Every shot you hit, you teach your body the movement, whether it’s right or wrong. So, when you go to the range and get a 100-ball token, 40 of which are rehearsed with the best technique you can manage, and 60 are less thought out and are of poorer quality, the body will remember the poorer quality and the higher number of repetitions!

In order to engrain a new technique deeper and faster, it’s much more beneficial to hit fewer balls on the range (50 rather than 100) but with more cognitive function. Meaning, you put your all into every shot with a full rehearsal and the best technique you can possibly do. Not only will the changes you’re making get more comfortable quicker, but you’ll leave the range feeling fulfilled because you did your absolute best on every shot and made the uncomfortable, a little more comfortable.

The best sessions in the gym are the ones when you leave exhausted, knowing that you left everything in there. This is how you should feel after the driving range – work hard, see the benefits, and push yourself.