Have you ever been sitting in the clubhouse after an OK round thinking, ‘wow, if only I had hit iron there and just hit the fairway… I could have easily shot under handicap!’ Looking back, I’ve said that a few times. The key to a good round is not only swinging well, it usually stems from your ability to manage the course efficiently!

When on the course, it’s important to play to your strengths, and just because you’re playing a par 4, doesn’t mean the big stick has to come out the bag. Often, golfers will score better when they get the ball in a position where the next shot feels comfortable. Rather than leaving a quarter wedge shot, you start leaving yourself a full wedge shot where you can commit to the shot and take your mind of hitting a not-so-easy yardage.
In addition to this, you don’t always have to take the same club as everyone else! Take the club that you believe fits YOUR game and remember, you have a handicap for a reason – there are places to take advantage of shots given to you, and places where it would be sensible to use those shots. Pick when to be conservative and when to be aggressive! Don’t be scared to lay up to yardages where you’re comfortable and play your own game.

If you’re a member at a club and haven’t been cut for a while, maybe it’s time to play the course differently? Listen to Albert Einstein; “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome”. Change it up and reap the benefits.